Featured Anime - Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- Cadenza

Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- Cadenza

Protagonist Gunzo Chihaya and his friends, with the help of renegade Fog A.Is, head towards the United States to present blueprints for a weapon that will turn the tides of war in humanity’s favour. It is easier said than done because Gunzo and the rest of Arpeggio’s crew have gotten the attention of the mysterious Admirality Code. Now they must face a new Fleet of Fog threat known as “Fog Student Council,” who are mental models dressed like high school girls. The Fog Student Council preaches that Earth’s morals must correspond to the Fog’s morals.

Official website: http://aokihagane.com

Director: Seiji Kishi

Script: Makoto Uezu

Original creator: Ark Performance

Music: Masato Kōda

M.A.O as Hiei
Ayaka Fukuhara as Myōkō
Hiromi Igarashi as Haguro
Jouji Nakata as Shōzō Chihaya
Rie Kugimiya as Musashi
Satomi Satou as Nachi
Suzuko Mimori as Ashigara

Runtime: 104mins

© Ark Performance / Shonengahosha, Arpeggio partners