DJ Kazu made his major debut in 2008 as Sony Music’s first J-pop DJ.

He is currently under Sony Music Associated Records as both a DJ and artiste A&R.

Keeping his focus on playing mainly Japanese tracks, DJ Kazu has been the resident DJ of the NHK program “Shibuya no Oto” (Sound of Shibuya), which was previously known as “MUSIC JAPAN”, for eight years running.

DJ Kazu has also been an active part of many events and music festivals — regardless of genre, including ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL and ANIMAX MUSIX.

He has continuously shown his enthusiasm for performing overseas, showcasing an array of Japanese tracks at events in such as Los Angeles, Jakarta, and Singapore.

DJ Kazu is best known for his tracks “J-Popper Densetsu” (J-Popper Legend), “A GIRL↑↑”, and “J-Anisong Kamikyoku Matsuri” (J-Anisong Legendary Song Festival). He has also released several remix albums, with total sales numbering in 1.1M units.

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