Calling all Illustrators! Ever wondered how far your illustration skills can take you?
Prove your worth in our new illustrator competition, with fantastic prizes to be won!


1st place

INTUOS ART Pen Tablet by Wacom

2nd place

INTUOS PHOTO Pen Tablet by Wacom


Art Duel is a tournament-based illustration competition that is taking place on 7th and 8th Jul 2018 at Penang Anime Matsuri, SPICE Convention Centre.

2 illustrators would have to draw within a given time limit on the stage. The winner will be determined by a panel of judges and will go on to battle several rounds until the final winner has been chosen. Participants will need to register online for an internal selection and only 6 participants would be chosen to participate in this competition.

*The visual above is just a representation of the tournament format and it is not indicative of the actual number of participants selected for Day 1.


  1. Each participant will have 20mins to finish a drawing of a set theme. If the drawing is not finished, the judges will make a scoring based on what has already been completed.
  2. The theme of the illustration for each round would be given randomly and is based on lottery that will be drawn before each round.
  3. Evaluation criteria: Completion of the illustration, idea & concept, technique.
  4. All participants will have to draw using the provided tools (Wacom).
  5. Only the winning illustrator would advance to the next round.
  6. All decisions from the judges and organizers are final. Results are to the judges and organizer’s discretion.
  7. Draw time on stage – 20 Minutes