Cosplay Guest: ENAKO

Enako – (JAPAN)

Born on 22 nd January 1994 in Nagoya, Enako is a charismatic cosplayer from Japan who is expanding

her activities worldwide! Having fans all over the world, her Twitter and Instagram accounts have

exceeded over 220,000 and 125,000 followers respectively.

Enako is widely known to be one of the top layers in Japan’s cosplay scene. Aside from cosplay, she

does a whole range of other activities including TV appearances, magazine features and voice acting.

Aiming to become the best in her field across Japan, the West and Asia, it’s the charismatic cosplayer


Her current activities include:

– Assistant for TV Aichi’s “Seiji Chihara’s BUZZ☆DOL with Rena Matsui”

– Voice Actress of Takatsuki Hime and Official Cosplayer for mobile game “Shinkukan Dolls”

– Regular feature on Fashion Magazine “IMADOKI!!”


01/07 – SATURDAY

1700: MAIN STAGE – Cosplay Singles Showdown

02/07 – SUNDAY
1430: MAIN STAGE: Special Showcase
1600: MAIN STAGE – Cosplay All-Stars Talk Show