Special Guest

Yuichi Ito of BELCORNO

Latte Art artiste . Japan

Yuichi Ito is a latte artist who specialises in drawing characters, scenery and portraits and has drawn more than 20,000 cups of latte art to date. Viewing the cup as a canvas, he completes each piece of art like a painting with skill and finesse.

In 2011, he opened BELCORNO, an Italian restaurant in the Aichi Prefecture.

Using food colouring for his art, he brings out vibrant and beautiful colours in his “full-colour latte art”. His art is uploaded on his various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and has not only gained fame but even international recognition in numerous media lists of “the world’s most beautiful latte art”. His goal is to recreate the “inhuman latte-art skill” featured in the TV anime series “Is the Order a Rabbit?”.

Today, other than serving up great latte art at his shop, he creates specialised latte art designs for use in anime and games, attends events as a guest, gives lectures and even consulting services.

URL: http://latteartist.jp/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/belcorno